The Zimbabwe Microfinance Fund (Private) Limited, (ZMF), is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Microfinance Wholesale Facility Trust (ZMWFT). The institution was formed in 2011 to operate as a financial apex organisation providing on-lending capital to financial service providers (FSPs) that include MFIs, SACCOs, Agricultural Value Chain Actors (AgVCA) and Banks downscaling to serve the bottom of the pyramid entrepreneurs. The birth of the Fund followed the collapse of the local currency and the adoption of the multi currencies in 2009. Most FSPs lost their assets in that process and the need for funding to resuscitate the sector became acute. The initial seed capital for ZMF was provided by DFID, HIVOS, Danida and GIZ.


A wholesale financier of choice in Zimbabwe and beyond.


To provide quality and sustainable funding to Financial Service Providers and related institutions that serve micro, small and medium enterprises that are committed to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community they serve.


  • Recapitalize the MFI sector
  • Sector reorientation towards sustainable developmental MFI services
  • Develop an inclusive, innovative and environmentally conscious MFI sector that focuses on Bottom of the Pyramid(BoP)  clients
  • Increase outreach and impact by diversifying the market to include value chain players that work with small scale farmers.
  • Facilitate the development of MFIs credit track record to enhance access to funding from local and international capital markets.


  • Integrity: We strive to be transparent, accountable, honest and ethical in all our dealings.
  • Innovation: We seek to challenge existing practices and strive to find ways to continuously improve our value proposition.
  • Excellence:  ZMF strives to provide reliable timely and memorable service to our customers.
  • Respect: We seek to treat our customers with dignity and equality irrespective of gender, ethnicity, colour or creed and to promote environmentally friendly practices.
  • Teamwork: We are committed to work towards our common goals based on open and honest communication. We care for each other, recognise meaningful contributions, and reward outstanding performance.